Reason Why They Use Glass

If you are an office worker, then you have seen this often enough. If you are an office manager, then not only do you see it often enough, you know why it is up in the first place. Outside of Toronto, in the more quieter suburbs, you may see more evidence of a glass partition toronto job in the towns’ banking halls and real estate offices.

Every staffer has his or her own cubicle from which to work from. And the glass partition acts as the dividing wall between cubicles. Dividing wall? And with glass? Why not just build straight up with bricks and mortar?

This letter explains. The glass partition provides clerks with a little intimacy and privacy with their clients. These moments are intimate but others still have access to these. There is something of a work demonstration going on here.

Passersby and those waiting their turn can see the human interactions. But they cannot know what is being discussed. Unless of course, they happen to be fine sleuths who just happen to be able to lip read. Downtown and small town shopkeepers love having the polished windows upfront of their stores, facing onto the sidewalks.

Restaurateurs have full-size glass paneling put up on purpose. The glass finish is part of the restaurant’s d├ęcor, but it also gives passersby a good peak of the ambience that unfolds in said restaurant. Unless, of course, the restaurateur wishes to give his patrons a different scale of intimacy. In wich case, plush curtaining will be provided.

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The office environment is awash with glass dividers. Suspicious workers believe that this allows their superiors to keep an eye on them. But it is nothing of the kind. It provides transparency, in more ways than one.