Interior Design is Not About Throw Cushions

What do you think of when you think of Interior Design? When it comes with capital letters it is quite the business. Interiors are as much a part of what makes a place work as the outside architecture.  When a new building is envisaged, the architect will have a grand design for the construction. But what makes the building function to purpose is what goes on inside.

An interior designer essentially brings workability to a building and then adds to it in terms of aesthetic.

Of course, an architect and a designer look at other aspects of what makes a building work. Personal style alpharetta ga always has a direct effect on design. Inevitability everyone has a personal choice and taste. You like somethings but not others. A designer will have at least some ability to put aside the personal and be able to build customer requirements into a total design that will deliver for the individual customer.

Personal style alpharetta ga

When it comes to homes rather than office buildings the requirements are different. When it comes to homes the strongest requirement is often comfort and functionality. People tend to want their homes to be something you can live in and not be castigated if you leave a coffee cup on the dining room table. Most people don’t want to live in a show house.

That’s where a really good designer can work the line between practical and visual and deliver you something that looks good but works for the way you live. They will be able to guide you on what is in fashion and what trends are currently ‘in’. They will also have lots of experience in terms of what works. Experience is the thing they will really bring to the party – that and a good eye.`